Did you hear the rumors about MobileMonkey?

People ask me what's going on.

Does MobileMonkey enable integration with WhatsApp?

Did we acquire a competitor?

Will MobileMonkey be purchased?

We have some important news that we will announce on the Chat Marketing 2019!

It happens live December 12, 2019.

I'm pleased to invite you to a private event where I can finally announce the exciting things we've been working on this year.

Please log in I'm looking forward to talking about the future of customer communications for your business at Chat Marketing 2019.

There is a radical shift in communication.

Your customer text and chat more than you email.

More than they call.

And they chat more than they use social media.

There is no ignoring the digital communication shift that has taken place.

It's time to develop your business –

… to connect with customers in the communication channels they already are in.

… while you save your data business money with automated customer care.

… and scaling your business with records and revenue.

Sign up for free and tell your friends.

And if you do not If you can not be there live, free retakes are available for 24 hours after the live event when you sign up.

I hope to see you there.