Find out how to E-mail Subscribers to Your Chatbot

Ever wanted to send emails to your ManyChat subscribers?

Hannes recently asked our members only how to do this in our Facebook group.

It has been a great question, as it is very helpful to import your Chatbot subscribers into your customer’s email platform, so you can also email them.

Stephen Bradeen, a graduate of the Bot Academy and one of our group call leaders, came in and gave Hannes accurate, step-by-step instructions for this process.

We thought you might also want to know the answer. Here is a short guide.

Exporting ManyChat Contacts to a Google Sheet

Step 1: Sign in to ManyChat, go to Settings> Integrations and click Connect to Google Sheets account.

Step 2: Select the account you want to connect to and confirm the authorization.

Step 3: Make sure you are logged in. Sign in to the Google Account you just selected and create a new Google Sheet. Label the columns in row 1 with the data fields that you want to export from ManyChat.

These are usually first name, last name and e-mail address or full name and e-mail address.

Step 4: Go to the procedure that contains the user input field for emails and create an action step after the user has entered or clicked on their email address.

Select Google Sheets Action from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Google Sheets will now appear in your action list and you can click Select Action.

Step 6: This opens a pop-up where you can choose to send data from Manychat to Google Sheets (insert line) or do the opposite and import data from a sheet into a manychat want custom field (get row by value).

Choose Insert Row for this use case.

Step 7: Select the table you created and the worksheet / tab name. Then map the ManyChat fields to the columns in your Google Sheet.

That was & # 39; s! Every time someone reaches this point in your flow, their data is automatically sent to your Google Sheet.

You can then manually import them into an email platform or set up an automatic import with Zapier or another third-party tool.

Pretty cool, right?

There’s one cool thing I did not tell you about Hannes’ question in the Facebook group.

He posted it at 11:36 and Stephen answered at 11:42.

That is, he had an answer to his question only 6 minutes after posting!

This is just one example of the time you can save in your business if you have a direct line to other bot manufacturers.

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