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The brand new e-mail creator is right here

We are. So excited.

The new e-mail creator [beta] is ready for your test drive.

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<p> In recent years, you have expressed your opinions and experiences about our newsletter creator. And we listened. </p>
<p> Our newsletter creator has gone through a massive transformation to help you send beautiful, engaging emails – faster and easier than ever. What's new? Basically … everything! </p>
<p> Before we discuss all the new features, we would like to mention that all paying customers of GetResponse should already have access to the new email creator or have access within a week of creating their paid account. </p>
<p> [ImportantNote:Thisisthe<strong> BETA version </strong> of the creator, which is only available for creating <strong> newsletters </strong>. We're working hard to add the ability to create all message types with the new creator.] </p>
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Impressive emails on every device

The new creator is all about convenience and beautiful emails. This allows you to create responsive designs in no time. You will see how easy and fast the preparation of your campaigns will be.

Fully Customizable Layout

With "Departments" you can easily and quickly structure your designs. Simply drag and drop the customizable section layouts and fill them with the blocks you want.

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<p> There are some basic blocks to choose from, including "image," "text," "spacer," "button," and so on – all of which are customizable. You can easily add a video block and a custom HTML block. </p>
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