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B2B podcasting: 20 statistics that make up advertising

Gosh, Josh, why can not you stop until about B2B podcasting ? Does the world really need another piece of mind, a blog post or a webinar about the potential? Do not people already get it?

I hear you, theoretical reader. And yet I hold on.

In B2B podcasting, content marketing was a decade ago. It is becoming a marketing discipline. People are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to delivering and measuring podcasts. We see new tools to help launch, promote, and monetize. And despite the thousands of hours of audio that already exist, there is no sign that the market is saturated.

If you are not yet thinking of podcasting for your B2B brand, you should do so. But if my beautiful words can not convince you, let the dates tell the story:

B2B podcasting: 20 statistics that make the difference

These statistics come from five different reports, all published last year. If you look at all five together, the picture is clear: we are far from being at the peak of the podcast, and brand content is the next frontier.

Podcast audience continues to grow

Podcasting is a growth medium. Now more people are listening than ever before. But what's really impressive is how many listeners are new to the medium. Although there have been podcasts since the early 2000s, in recent years they have reached only a mass market audience.

1: Almost a quarter of all listeners started in the last 6 months. (2)

2: Worldwide 36% of the sampled population heard a podcast last month. (1)

3: 51% of the US population over 12 has listened to a podcast . (2)

4: 32% of the over 12-year-old US population listened to (90 million people) last month. (2)

5: 22% of the over 12-year-old US population hears weekly (60 million). (2)

6: 62.6% of respondents said they now listen to more podcasts than a year ago. (3)

7: Only 3.1% stated that they listen less than a year ago. (3)

To summarize, podcasts continue to attract new listeners each month to their existing audience of 90 million people. And the most promising is that those who listen are more likely to add new podcasts than cut them off.

Podcasts are still attracting new listeners … And the most promising thing is that those who are listening are far more likely to add new podcasts than cut them off. @NiteWrites # B2BPodcasting Click to Tweet

Podcast listeners are demographically valuable

Okay, millions of people listen to podcasts. But are these people a worthwhile target group for B2B marketers?

The answer, of course, can vary depending on your most valuable audience. However, most B2B marketers are interested in targeting millennials. A recent survey found that at least 73% of Millennials are involved in decision-making regarding products or services. 33% state that they are the sole decision maker in their company.

In general, millennials are important when trying to influence B2B purchases. And podcast listeners are disproportionately wealthy, social-media savvy millennials:

8: 50% of listeners under 35 heard a podcast last month. (1)

9: 41% of podcast listeners earn $ 75,000 a year or more compared to 29% of the total population. (2)

10: Podcast listeners are more likely to be active in cross-channel social media and more likely to follow companies and brands. (4)

 Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social networks "width =" 600 "height =" 200 "/> </p>
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<h3> <span style= Podcast fans are enthusiastic listeners

According to Google's 2018 benchmarks the average time for page content from most industries is between two and three minutes . Marketers can certainly make an impression during this time. Even fifteen seconds are of value to a savvy marketer with a good hook and strong CTA. But podcast listeners spend much more time on audio content:

11: 76.8% hear podcasts more than 7 hours a week. (3)

12: 61.2% spend more time with podcasts than with television. (3)

13: 52% of monthly listeners hear the entirety of each episode. (2)

14: 70% of listeners say they at least sometimes do nothing else while listening to podcasts. (2)

As the latest statistics show, podcast listeners are not the distracted multitasking people we envisioned. If the material is appealing, they are ready to pay their attention. Speaking of …

Podcast listeners are not the distracted multitasking people we imagined. If the material is appealing, they are ready to pay their attention. @NiteWrites # B2BPodcasting Click to Tweet

Podcast fans want to learn (in an entertaining way)

Earlier, podcasts – in the best sense of the word – were geeky . They were high-tech types who could share, teach and learn knowledge. While pure entertaining podcasts have been successful, podcasts are basically an ideal learning medium.

People listen to podcasts not just for fun. The vast majority want to feel smarter at the end of each episode.

Think of all the expertise in your business. Now multiply by inviting influential guests (such as your customers, prospects, industry experts, and colleagues) to share their expertise. It's easy to see how a brand podcast can add educational value to a learning audience.

15: 74% claim to listen to podcasts to learn new things . (2)

16: 71% claim to be entertained . (2)

17: 59% say they enjoy podcasts because they feel smarter . (2)

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<h3> <span style= Business Podcast Market Ready to Launch

There is still a massive untapped market for helpful, informative business podcasts – just the kind that B2B brands could develop, produce and promote. In fact, we can see that the promotional revenue model for podcasts is being expanded to include branded content. At the moment, brand content still accounts for a small portion of the overall podcast ad, but they are rapidly increasing.

18: In 13 million households are enthusiastic fans of business podcasts. (4)

19: In 52 million households, there are occasional fans of business podcasts. (4)

20: The brand content has risen from 1.5% to 10.1% of podcast advertising since 2016. (5)

In addition, podcasts offer a number of content marketing benefits that can support and support your broader digital marketing strategy.

Do not be cast aside (pod)

The podcast boom continues unabated – and it has evolved from a purely amateur platform to a sophisticated content marketing medium. B2B marketers who create audio content of all kinds should consider podcasts as a channel to attract attention, attract audiences, and ultimately achieve measurable business results.

Are you ready to produce your own podcast? Take a look at our webinar on the 4 Ps of Podcasting.


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