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Try the "Prime Indicators" that inform your Google Advertisements bid methods


Updated this article to reflect that bid strategy reports are available for both portfolio and standard bid strategies.

Google's Smart Bid strategies use a variety of signals to communicate bids at each auction. Now Google is starting to show which signals increase performance to optimize bids for users who are more or less likely to convert.

Top signals. The signals displayed may include device type, location, day of the week, time, keywords, remarketing and customer match lists, and possibly some other signals. You may also see combinations of signals such as time and keyword. Signals in red are less likely to be converted in this strategy, while signals in green are more likely to be converted.

(Click to enlarge.) Top bid strategy signals are now showing in Google ads.

Where the top signal reports can be seen. The top signals are displayed in the bid strategy reports. To see this for your portfolio bid strategies, choose Tools> Shared Library> Bid strategies. Then choose a portfolio strategy.

To show at the campaign level, turn on the "Bid strategy type" column and click the link to view the bid strategy report.

Google has indicated that the "Target CPA" and "Maximize Search Conversions" option are displayed. However, you may be able to see top signals for other strategies. The above example is really only for eCPC.

Why we care. Knowing which contextual signals have a special impact on your automated bidding will give you insights into your target customers and potentially influence your strategy. For example, if you find that a keyword is "down-signaled", it may not match that particular bid strategy, or you can make ad or landing page optimizations to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

You may also see trends that affect other marketing efforts, such as: B. the transmission times of e-mails. The screenshot above shows, for example, that weekends are a strong signal. This might be a good time to test e-mail flights, rather than weekdays.

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