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How interactive emails change advertising ceaselessly

The way marketers use e-mail marketing will change forever. Emails have always been static. You send solid content to your subscribers, or they read it or click on it to go to a website or landing page.

On March 26, 2019, Google's product manager Aakash Sahney announced AMP for email. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Email marketers can easily create emails that are interactive and not static.

AWeber is the first small business e-mail service provider to support the new AMP for Email technology. "Interactive emails provide marketing professionals with amazing potential to engage and engage with subscribers in a way they've never been before," said Dave Stys, technical product manager at AWeber. And a recent study by Kapost found that interactive content causes 2x more conversions than static.

Learn about what interactive emails are and how you can use them in your email marketing.

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What are interactive emails?

Interactive emails are messages that your subscribers can click to change or change the content of the email, even after the message has been delivered to the inbox. The content can also be updated each time the e-mail is opened. Interactive e-mails look like a website.

Use interactive content to send emails that are more engaging. You can add extra content to your emails without overwhelming subscribers, and your subscribers can interact with the email to get additional information when they need it. "It gives e-mail subscribers the ability to engage with content without leaving their inbox," said Chris Vasquez, Creative Director of AWeber.

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5 examples of interactive content

1st Carousel

A carousel allows your subscribers to navigate through various images, products, or blog entries in their emails. If you want to see more content in your email, you can use a carousel to save space and improve the design of your message.

2nd Accordion

When a subscriber clicks on an accordion, a section of the email is expanded to show more content. You can use accordions to give subscribers the opportunity to see additional information in their email.

3. Sidebar

A sidebar is like a website or app navigation menu. If you want subscribers to navigate to different web pages, use a sidebar.

4. Bind

Do you need to show different content for different subscribers? Now you can add buttons to your email so subscribers can completely change the content of a message.

For example, your subscribers can change the language of their email.

5. Forms

Add a working e-mail application form to your message. Your subscribers can sign up for a webinar, e-mail list, or event directly from your message.

Use AWeber to create interactive emails.

AWeber is the first small business e-mail service provider to support the new AMP for Email technology!

You can follow these directions to create interactive emails in AWeber today.

Try AWeber for 30 days for free and create your own interactive e-mail.

Want to know more about AMP for e-mail? Visit the AMP for Email site for code examples and examples.