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Our High Tendencies and Predictions for B2B Content material Advertising for 2020

Well, B2B marketer, it's that time again. The holiday season is in full swing. The countdown to a new year and of a new decade has begun. And, of course, we're pooling all of our psychic powers to find out what's coming up in 2020 so we can take advantage of opportunities, prepare for challenges, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts.

2019 was a year of connectedness in which many B2B marketers made significant investments in interactive content Collaborating Influencer Content have done. and multi-faceted campaigns. 2020 will be the year in which many brands will consolidate experience as a strategy.

What about 2020? The following are our 10 most important trends and forecasts for 2020, each with an obvious or underlying relationship to the experience.

TopRank Marketing's Top B2B Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

# 1 – The Development of Experience Content

If you missed my opening: It's the Age of Experience, Marketer. Investigations have shown that marketing managers compete with experience today and in the future .

"Customers no longer compare with their competitors – they compare them to other positive experiences they have made" Shep Hyken experienced customer service and experience expert, told me not too long ago . "Satisfactory is a rating. Loyalty is an emotion. So you have to find a way to build a lasting emotional bond. "

Satisfactory is a rating. Loyalty is an emotion. So you have to find a way to build a lasting emotional bond. @Hyken # B2BContentMarketing #CX Click to Twitter

Incredible experiences certainly do not start and end with the marketing department. However, marketing leaders and their teams have the opportunity to move up to 2020 as CX leaders. How? With experience content.

Animated Infotainment Infographics . Audio-guided eBooks. Gamified Power Pages . Quirky quiz. ROI Calculator. Augmented Reality Product Catalogs . Virtual reality experiences at live events. AI-operated chatbots. From simple, standalone assets to real-time local engagement mechanisms, marketers of all levels of interactive content can design interactive experiences that foster the connection and engagement of their buyers – and internal stakeholders .

However, when we speak of experiential content, we are talking not only of interactivity or entertainment elements, but also of the fact that interactivity is intertwined with data and influential voices will always be in 2020 more important.

"The amount of information and media that people face in the business world is overwhelming and often quite boring," Lee Odden CEO of TopRank Marketing says. "Creating engaging experiences with interactive content is one way to differentiate, differentiate, and optimize for effectiveness. At the same time, buyers do not trust advertising or brand messages. Creating content together with trusted experts gives the brand message credibility and interest. "

Creating compelling experiences with interactive content is one way to highlight, differentiate, and optimize effectiveness. @leeodden # B2BContentMarketing Click to Twitter

Watch our latest interactive content with influential voices.

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<h3> <span style= # 2 – Trust 2.0

Trust in Marketing led our list of trends and forecasts for content marketing by 2019 . Security breaches, privacy concerns, political scandals and a long-standing mistrust of advertising messages had impacted a multi-year series of sinking consumer confidence worldwide .

But consumer confidence began to recover. The Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 showed that global confidence in the business increased in 21 out of 26 markets, including the United States, where 54% of respondents expressed confidence. On the way to 2020, we must keep the course:

# 1: Familiarize yourself with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). As my colleague Nick Nelson wrote not long ago: "Whether through the dissemination of laws at the state level such as the CCPA or the possible adoption of a similar federal law, it is just a matter of time before privacy policies apply in the United States. "

# 2: Strive to be the best answer. For years, this has been the mantra and approach of TopRank Marketing, combining art and science to create high-quality content that will educate, educate, and inspire audiences whenever and wherever they look.

"The content of the best answer returns to the basics," Nick Nelson once wrote. "If everything is done right, it's about delivering value and building trust before you demand anything."

But do not just take our word for it. In August 2019, Google published a reminder and primer for its core updates . It was called a small word called "EAT", which stands for "expertise, authority and trustworthiness".

This is a great note marketers. E-A-T on.

"Your brand must be considered credible so that people can trust you." Margaret Magnarelli The Executive Director for Growth Marketing, Social Media and SEO at Morgan Stanley notified us at the beginning of the year . [With content created for organic search] You have the opportunity to dress someone with a specific intention and without brand awareness from a side door. Your answer to your question will have a major impact on whether you are trustworthy in more consistent matters. "

Your answer to the question of a seeker has a great impact on whether you are trustworthy in more consistent matters. @mmagnarelli # B2BContentMarketing #TrustInMarketing Click to Tweet

# 3: Align yourself with credible, influential voices. As Lee Odden says, "Any type of content a company creates and publishes for the world has the potential to work with credible voices that have active networks interested in what those voices say have. "

Read more on this topic:

# 3 – The Continued Rise of the Video

Last year's Content Marketing Institute's Benchmarking Report on B2B Content Marketing and MarketingProfs found that increased the production of audio and visual content to 64% of marketers . In this year's report, a whopping 71% of respondents said used video content last year. To put this into perspective, video content outperformed case studies, infographics, webinars, whitepapers, and ebooks.

The production of video content will undoubtedly increase among B2B marketers in 2020. In our view, the biggest change is diversification in terms of strategy and storytelling.

Currently, video is often used as a top-of-the-line tactic. But video can be effective at any stage of the buyer journey . The more comfortable and sophisticated video marketers are, the broader their video marketing strategies will be to reach potential customers. and And as the video becomes more ubiquitous, constructing compelling visual narratives will be the key to success.

"If you want to achieve the best possible impact and achieve the highest returns on your video's investment, you have to SHOW not tell" Andrew Davis Keynote speaker and best-selling author, says , "Instead of a talking head or another interview, how can you SHOW me? Spend more time turning the rest of the story, and you'll instantly bring your videos from dull to stop. "

If you want to get the most impact and get the highest return on your video investment, you need SHOW not tell. @DrewDavisHere # B2BContentMarketing #VideoMarketing Click to Tweet

# 4 – "Marketer, Play Audio Content "

Today's easy-listening radio is offered in the form of a serialized storytelling: podcasts .

The number of podcast listeners has grown rapidly in recent years. Nearly a quarter of all podcast listeners have begun in the last six months. In addition, 51% of the US population over 12 years have heard a podcast.

In the B2B sector, the full potential of the podcast has not yet been exhausted. However, more marketers will try it in 2020.

"B2B podcasting is now the place where content marketing took place ten years ago," Joshua Nite Senior Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Marketing. "It's becoming a marketing discipline – people are getting more and more demanding when it comes to delivering and measuring podcasts, and we're seeing new tools that make launching, advertising, and monetization easier, and with the thousands of hours of audio it takes there are no signs that the market is saturated. "

People are becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to delivering and measuring podcasts. And despite the thousands of hours of audio that already exist, there is no sign that the market is saturated. @NiteWrites # B2BPodcasting # B2BContentMarketing Click to Tweet

However, podcasts are not the only audio medium that should be in the minds of marketers heading into the new year. According to recent research by Edison Research more than 53 million Americans now own a smart speaker – an increase of 36% in just one year.

So if language-optimized content – or as the kids call it today – voice-activated content did not get into your site's Strategy 2019, 2020 is the year.

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# 5 – Collaborative content improves personalization

The dissemination of content in conjunction with changing consumer expectations and increasing skepticism and mistrust has created a highly competitive landscape. It is known.

about GIPHY

Personalization has become a savior of content marketing, which aims to improve the experience by sending relevant individual messages to current or potential buyers. However, the next step in the personalization game 2020 is collaboration.

By working with selected industry influencers and thought leaders, employees and current customers or prospects, you can create unique, up-to-date content for your (mutual) audiences.

When it comes to influencers, think of this treat from Lee Odden, founder of TopRank Marketing:

"Influencers with complementary domain know-how and networking forces can provide a B2B brand with the reach of an important publication, but the credibility and trust of respected influencers."

For the use of customers and potential customers, read what my cohort Nick Nelson has to say about user-generated content :

"Storytelling is one of the most important tactics in content marketing, and customer focus is one of the core principles of the discipline. UGC offers a way to merge these two by turning your client into a storyteller. Not only is this an extremely engaging role for the individual whose content is being presented, it also makes that content much more understandable to those who consume it. "

Finally, consider what Jay Baer founder of Convince & Convert, has to say about employee advocacy :

"If you have a truly differentiated customer experience that leads to conversations, your employees will of course repeat and reinforce this and connect the points to potential customers. They will be part of the marketing arsenal. "

# 6. Renewed Commitment to Consistency and Integration

Integrated Marketing. Multi-channel marketing. Omni-channel marketing. Scope and definitions are different, but the general premise of each approach is the same: Always create positive brand experiences when and where your audience seeks.

Regardless of the preferred approach, marketers have been following this policy for several years. We know that consistency and integration are key to effectively telling the stories of our brands and connecting with our audience. However, in the pursuit of perfection, complexity – and perhaps even complementarity – has crept in.

We added tactics. We have added channels. We added tools. With all the additions, have we significantly improved the content we offer? Did we fall into set-and-forget mode?

The above-mentioned CMI and MarketingProfs study shows that 93% of the most successful B2B content marketers rank the delivery of relevant content as a priority when and where it is most likely to be someone sees them – only 37% of the least successful marketers are concentrated here . With more experience as a competitive differentiator, brands and marketers are well advised to rethink and renew their commitment to smart marketing integration in 2020.

With more experience as a competitive differentiator, brands and marketers are well advised to rethink and renew their commitment to smart marketing integration in 2020. @CaitlinMBurgess # B2BContentMarketing Click To Tweet

# 7. Data Informs Content

Every B2B marketer understands the central role that data plays in modern content marketing. However, many still make marketing decisions based on gut feeling . Whether they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data or lack the right capture and analysis tools, marketers often use only a fraction of the data they have at their disposal.

In 2020, those who are able to focus on their data lens can create data-aware content that leads to better experiences.

If you're struggling with data quality, use this 6-Rule framework courtesy of Christopher Penn Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights:

Clean: Free from errors
Complete: Not Missing Critical Parts
Comprehensive: Answer the questions asked
Selected: Contains no irrelevant information
Credible: Presumably biased from reliable sources
Calculable: usable for man and machine

"Data that complies with these six rules is data that you can use for maximum impact as a B2B marketer, the equivalent of health-promoting foods," says Christopher. "Data that violates these rules are synonymous with junk food, foods that harm your well-being."

Clean. Completely. Full. Selected. Credible. Predictable. Stick to the 6 Cs of data quality and you're well on the way to the fitness of B2B marketing. @cspenn # B2BContentMarketing Click to Twitter

If you have difficulty identifying the "right" data to focus on, you should focus on the following types of customer data:

Discovery: Where, when and how shoppers look for information and find it to find a solution.
Consumption: The consumer channels, content types, themes, formats, devices and experiences your customers and prospects prefer.
Action: The triggers that have and motivate a desired action.

"With Buyer, Consumption, and Action metrics, you know how to create awareness, customer loyalty, and compelling propositions that matter to your customers," says Lee Odden. "And you'll always know which approach you can use to improve your marketing because it's customer-focused."

The Buyer, Consumption, and Campaign metrics tell you how to create awareness, customer loyalty, and compelling offerings that matter to your customers. @leeodden # B2BContentMarketing Click to Twitter

# 8. Visually rich content with emphasis on storytelling

It is no longer enough to inform buyers. Instead, you must provide story-driven, visual content that links to the intellectual and emotional levels. This is critical in experience .

We spend our time on visual platforms – a trend that will continue in 2020. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, YouTube is the most popular adult adult platform in the US. . Second is Facebook, which has made changes to the platform to facilitate access to visual content.

Visually engaging storytelling does not begin or end with video on social platforms.

"Contrary to popular belief, people still read traditional content forms such as whitepapers, ebooks, and case studies." Michelle Liro PTC Vice President of Demand Generation says. "But first you have to tie them in with eye-catching pictures showing them what they get before you tell them what they're getting."

Contrary to popular belief, people still read traditional content forms such as whitepapers, ebooks, and case studies. But first you have to fade them in with eye-catching pictures. @michelleliro # B2BContentMarketing Click to Twitter

Take a look at this internal marketing example of the Antea Group *.

With the goal of training and bringing together the team of consultants to relaunch a core service offering, the company has persuaded our team to develop an animated eBook that is completely narrative.

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<h3> <span style= # 9. E-mail newsletters celebrate a comeback

Email marketing is not dead . As we reported recently, open interest rates are not steadily declining. In fact, according to Super Office has increased (or at least remained constant) the average rate in the last ten years from year to year.

Email marketing strategies, however, must be updated. And from our point of view, the e-mail newsletter 2020 can make a triumphant comeback.

"I have a strong sense of newsletters" Ann Handley Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, and have an e-mail newsletter Suppliers once said AWeber . "It's the only permanent place we have as marketers, and it's the place where conversation is most intimate, newsletters are 100% effective and still the backbone of many content marketing efforts."

I have strong feelings for newsletters. This is the only permanent place where we act as marketers and the place where conversations are most intimate. Ann Handley, @MarketingProfs # B2BContentMarketing Click to Twitter

Marketers, however, must be prepared to participate in the work to ensure that these intimate conversations build relationships next year, rather than merely serving as a selling point .

"If someone chooses your newsletter and then immediately takes an open stance, it may feel like a breach of trust," Nick Nelson wrote not long ago. "As a relatively direct and personal form of marketing communications, email should be used to deliver value and build brand affinity. This does not mean that you need to avoid any kind of lead generation elements in your messages, but make them subtle and sparse. "

3. 2. 1 … watch out for 2020, here we come!

From experimenting with new media such as podcasts or interactive content to innovative storytelling marketers can and should play an important role in gaining and promoting positive experiences with their brands.

If we are heading towards 2020, ask yourself: Is my brand ready to deliver experiences that leave a lasting impression?

Happy New Year, B2B Marketer.

What is your forecast for B2B Content Marketing for 2020? Which trends do you observe? Tell us in the comments below.