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The 5 Second Rule for Creating Interesting Web site Content material

You've heard of the Goldfish's attention span, right? Nine seconds and hold. The scary reality is that the average attention span for websites has dropped to about. 5 seconds.

Five seconds to make a big impact and get your potential customers to take action on your site that does not bounce off.

Frightening, what? Rest assured, we have your back. This article discusses techniques that you can use to create an attractive website.

Throw out the information you want to share with your customers and tell them what they want to hear instead.

You are passionate about your service or your product. Everyone should have it at home or in the business, even when we are excited! But are all your customers interested in every detail of your services or products? Maybe not.

Adjust your messages. Think about what you say. Your customers want something useful for them. Scream loud and proud, but make sure they are things that really interest you.

Use different types of content to reach your audience.

With the above step you now have a pretty powerful list of responsive messages. You have loaded your product pages with everyone and are ready to show the masses, brilliant! Now anyone who visits your pages will read these messages and make a purchase decision immediately.

Except, they are still jumping back.

Maybe the problem is that people do not want to read text pages. Customers are busy people. A short 30-second video could be the way to get your audience excited. On the other hand, maybe not … Conversely, a video could scare off people who think you want to sell them something aggressive. For them, a beautiful infographic could not let go of your fingers.

How can we show the first two sentences on your website?

You have 5 seconds to get involved. notice? So text-based content should start with two short sentences (looks quick and easy to read, right?), And the rest of the page must be effortless and fast to read.

The online world is full of information and distractions. They have two tasks: first eyeballs and secondly time. You get eyeballs by being searchable and translating keywords into your text and all that. You get time or attention and commitment by making sure your most relevant information is relevant, useful to the reader and in a nutshell.

Is it clear what your customers should do?

Consider the importance of the Netflix homepage for you: REGISTER FOR A 30-DAY TEST AND BEGIN STARTING WITH STREAMING NOW!

This is a direct and succinct call to action, coupled with a pretty convincing offer to get customers to convert right away.

Content is provided in pairs, so they are delivered at the right time on a customer's purchase journey.

Do you know why it is important to have a content development schedule? So you know that you're delivering the right kind of content at the right time. But how do you know what kind of content you should create and what stage of the marketing funnel will do it?

Here are some sample questions you can use to start this discovery:

What are the three most common requests from potential customers? What are your customers looking for online first when trying to solve the problem that your product or service is solving, and what are your customers looking for when looking for a trusted provider?

Questions like these are an important source for understanding buyer behavior, ask yourself!


Why do not potential customers access your site? There are countless possible reasons, but the reason given in this article is a lack of clear and genuine content.

When developing your content and marketing strategy, always make sure to provide content that is useful to your readers and easy to understand. Let's be fair, if you ask people to spend their time reading your website, it must be worth it.

As a competent, integrated digital marketing agency, we know how to develop high-quality content strategies to drive brand growth. We'd like to show you how our result-oriented approach grows your business. Write us a message or call us today.