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Professional-Tip: A glance again at some exceptional ideas from our paid search group in 2019

Our paid search community is dedicated to helping search marketing colleagues. When we say goodbye to 2019, we look back on some insights that were popular with our readers.

1. Where Google RSA inventory comes from may surprise you

"Just like with broadly matching keywords, ads for related queries that don't convert impressions to clicks are no longer displayed, even with RSAs," explains Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzr. “Google doesn't make money with impressions. You make money with clicks. And Google is pretty strict in not showing things that seem irrelevant, that is, RSA variations that are never clicked because it wastes space and compromises Google's position as a provider of useful answers. “ MORE >>

2. Use your video content on YouTube to optimize lightbox ads.

"When you create a display campaign that targets product and brand considerations, you can create custom lightbox ads that are actually fun to create," explains Joe Martinez from Clix Marketing. "You can customize these lightbox ads with a variety of elements, including: B. Images, a feed from your dealer center, messages, calls for action, stylizations and videos. With a Lightbox ad, you pay for a bid strategy with cost per order. If the ad is visible to the user, only a thumbnail is displayed. The user has to move the mouse over the display for a few seconds to see the content from the inside. Once the ad is open, the advertiser will be charged. All actions that a user takes after they have looked at your ad are free. In addition to images, it is a more qualified user if a user deals with my videos and sends them back to me on my website. You didn't accidentally click on my display ad. They hovered over it, examined the ad, possibly watched my video content, and then clicked on my website. I would rather get used to a dedicated user when visiting the audience for the first time on a page, and videos can help motivate users. " MORE >>

3. The new "Affinity Audiences" for Google ads offer new options for targeting ads.

"With Google’s new affinity groups, you can link a person’s search intent to their passions,” explains Matt Lawson from Google. "It's not just someone looking. It's just that they're looking for something to look forward to and what they're already getting into. There are over 132 segments in 12 categories that can be used by specific industries who may not have targeted audiences. Healthcare, financial, religious organizations, and many other advertisers can use affinity groups. " MORE >>

4. Clicks from search partners are converted at a lower rate than with the core search, but also cost less

“If you look at the conversion rate of search partner traffic compared to the core search, partners convert much less,” explains Andy Taylor from Tinuiti. “In July and August, the conversion rate of the search partners improved compared to the core search for different device types. This makes sense if the change in Google image search actually took a few months, since the transition from image search clicks from the partner network to the core search would likely lower the core search conversion rate. Regardless, the different conversion rates may be enough to persuade some advertisers to go to Shopping campaign settings to close the affiliate network. If one looks at the relative CPC, the traffic of the search partners always remains significantly behind that of the core of the search, even in the price for clicks. “ MORE >>

5. Filling out your ad is a serious mistake

"After our brain was cheated by spam search results for years, it was trained to filter out ads filled with keywords as irrelevant," says Jacob Baadsgaard from Disruptive Advertising. "In other words, if your copy of your ad looks generic, overly business-intensive, or sales-intensive, your potential customers may skim your ad without even realizing it. Your brain just filters it out before they even have a chance to read it." MORE >>

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