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Tripadvisor’s new Evaluate Hub allows restaurateurs to handle critiques from a number of sources in a single place.

Tripadvisor launched Review Hub, a dashboard that allows restaurant owners to view and respond to customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TheFork, their own website, and other major review sites, the company said on Wednesday.

Source: Tripadvisor.

Why we care

TripAdvisor’s new dashboard makes it easier for businesses to view and respond to reviews across multiple platforms. Answering reviews has become a critical aspect of digital customer service and marketing. For local rankings, Google takes into account the number, quality and rating of the ratings. Companies that do a good job with customer feedback will likely also prioritize customer service and create a cycle of positive reviews and customer sentiments.

More about the announcement

Review Hub summarizes reviews and reviews from multiple websites and displays them as a snapshot. Owners can use the snapshot to identify trends and areas where improvements need to be made. Review Hub is a subscription service that is available monthly or annually and is open to all restaurant owners, operators, and digital marketing teams. The service is now available in all markets in which Tripadvisor operates.

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