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The whole lot we have to find out about McDonalds' digital advertising technique

Global. Act local.

Already in 1948 the first McDonalds Company was in San Bernardino, California. McDonalds is currently one of the world's leading and most successful food service companies with sales of more than $ 40 billion from a worldwide franchise of 30,000.

However, this company did not grow quickly and did not reach the location now thanks to hard work and effective marketing strategies. When the company was looking for new ways to get customers' attention in the 1970s, they launched Happy Meal, one of their greatest accomplishments.

This led to the world's first Happy Meal, a combination of suitable meals for children, including a free toy, that set McDonalds on the death center among children's locations around the world.

McDonalds includes certain aspects of its services and products such as packaging, appearance and appeal. This includes intangible and tangible features of the services and products.

In order to define localization as the main strategy, McDonalds had examined the customs of Indian customers and presented various menus compared to their menu on the world market. The company has deliberately limited the product range and has removed beef, mutton and pork burgers from its menu.

McDonald's marketing mix shows how, according to other fast food chains, the company combines internationalization and globalization.

Using the effects of strategic and tactical models, the following brand campaigns, the effects of McDonald & # 39; s on the global environment and their adaptation to local communities.

• Practical Social Media Marketing

McDonald’s divides the day with the minimalist artwork of each product.

Despite the massive popularity of Instagram Stories, many marketers seem to be slow to accept the medium in a way that feels specific, which is what makes the vertical storytelling format so special. Ads in stories are often cumbersome to cut off from traditional 30-second spots, and listening to organic branded content can feel just as overwhelming.

The ads were featured all day in McDonald’s Germany’s Instagram Stories and each correspond to a popular item.

With the title "Iconic Days", the campaign that went live this week for McDonald's Germany and by TBWA -native Germans was launched by Agentur Heimat, the ultra-minimalist series packs a lot in very little by combining certain McDonald's products with hours throughout the day.

• Powerful branding tactics

Christmas sweaters, notepads, umbrellas and other items Show the golden arches how they can have more fun with their pictures. In the run-up to the holidays, McDonald & # 39; s offers its customers a permanent online shop called Golden Arches Unlimited to buy branded items.

McDonald & # 39; s has been offering fits and beginnings in partnership with fashion brands since the 1980s, the company said. In 2017 the fast food chain introduced a limited-time product line via the McDelivery collection.

• In close cooperation with the Tech Corps

The world's largest fast food product. The food company buys a digital startup to complete its largest acquisition in 20 years.

McDonald’s refers to CEO Steve Easterbrook about the fast food chain’s growth plan and sees technology as the “critical element” Easterbrook plans to spend $ 300 million on Dynamic Yield Ltd , issue. Easterbrook has been tracking technologies such as digital menu boards, delivery and self-ordering kiosks since 2015. It intends to increase sales and help McDonald's stand out from the digital world.

McDonald & # 39; s will use dynamic technology to improve personalization and improve the customer experience.

Easterbrook explained the role of technology for the company as follows:

Technology is a critical element of our speed growth plan and the speed with which we can implement our vision of creating a more personalized experience for our customers.

• Creative comebacks from pop culture

Rick and Morty, the number one TV comedy in the USA, are now bringing the Szechuan sauce for a day to McDonald’s back!

After all the petitions from and Twitter collaborations, do you remember how Rick went crazy to find his favorite Szechuan sauce again? Thanks to him, it happens now after 20 years! McDonald & # 39; s has announced that it will only be serving its legendary McNuggets dip sauces together with the collector's posters with limited edition sauce motifs on October 7th.

"Whatever it takes."

As the fans of the show know, the sauce was originally introduced in 1998 with the classic Disney film Mulan. We later see it again at the premiere of Rick and Morty in season 3 when Rick Morty said he was crazy about finding Szechuan sauce again:

I am driven to find this McNugget sauce. I want this Mulan McNugget sauce. This is my serial sheet, Morty. If it takes nine seasons, I want this McNugget Szechuan sauce!

• Use unique art

French fries show the way in the new directed McDonald’s campaign.

While most brands use their regular logo and arrow as a direction for their customers, McDonald’s has taken a newer approach with the latest campaign.

TBWA / Paris is behind the brand's creative campaign to turn signposts into art. The campaign shows French fries in a series of simple, colorful posters that turn McDonald’s immediately recognizable French fries into directional arrows for drivers. These ads are inspired by minimalism, the emblematic art movement of the 21st century. Depending on the direction, 8 pop-colored posters are suggested to create 64 different combinations. The campaign was staged by Emile Chiumino and Camille Roulant.

In the United States, nearly 50% of McDonald’s stores are three minutes apart. There is a certain level of happiness and fun that McDonalds offers its consumers. It offers a value position based on the needs of the consumer.

McDonalds Restaurant is always doing internal marketing because this strategy becomes effective and automatically leads to the success of external marketing. To see more, view other McDonald's projects.