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Soapbox: The search engine optimisation neighborhood has to mitigate the reactions when exchanging concepts to keep away from disgrace.

What we may not recognize at the beginning of our search engine marketing career is that the path we choose can quickly become our identity – and thus shape our way of thinking. We choose our worldview and his invisible hand guides us on our career path.

It can even affect our mental health because we are constantly pushing to meet the expectations others have placed on us. Or that we have accepted these expectations as our own, even if it is not what we want. This is when the imposter syndrome can start.

Feeling trapped in a job / role / company can be stressful for any digital marketer and is rarely written or spoken publicly. We all want to be successful or at least be perceived as competent. The idea that technical SEO is a make-up article from 2016 has caused a sensation in the industry and may have cost us the opportunity to freely discuss new ideas and greet new voices about our work.

If the imposter syndrome is too strong, we may not try to leave our comfort zone at all. We are silent.

The SEO community has to work harder to correct misinformation and do so that people are not overly ashamed to share new ideas.

But if our professional identity is to shame or ignite others for their past behavior or belief in the cause of justice, then we are on the way to the dark side. When people think they are 100% right, their truth is often used as a weapon against those who disagree.

Our professional identity is important because the stories we tell ourselves become our reality. Would you even notice if you were on a path that could be called a "villain"? Did a fish notice the water around it?

Shame is one of the biggest obstacles to innovation.

Here is my last thought about it. There is now enough documentation and evidence on SEM industry issues to show that uncertainties that we share are no longer dark art. It's as mainstream as an influencer's selfie.

We are the geeks. We won. Everyone now has a computer in their pocket. We have earned the right to be friendlier to ourselves.

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Andrew McGarry is the owner of The McGarry Agency, a UK-based digital marketing consultancy specializing in lifestyle and global fashion brands. His career began in 2003 in franchising marketing and then in software sales. Since 2011 he has focused exclusively on fashion, shoes and cosmetics. In the UK, the USA and in all European markets, support has been given to Allsaints, Ted Baker, REISS, Hunter Boots, UGG, Oriflame, GANT and Sneakersnstuff, among others. Andrew takes the time to understand your brand, knows how to increase sales, and unlike some companies, his team will tell you the truth. If you can handle it!