Digital Marketing

The Persona Traits of the Greatest Digital PR Influencers

What does the language that popular influencers of digital publicity use in tweets reveal about their personality? What personality traits do digital PR influencers have in common?

BuzzStream and Fractl wanted to find out by examining the tweets from 29 well-known leading PR companies that frequently comment on the industry online, such as Mark Ragan, owners of Ragan Communications and PR Daily, and Gini Dietrich. the CEO of Arment Dietrich. Researchers used the IBM Watson Personality Insights API to understand which personality traits are exposed by the language used by influencers (see the full methodology and results here).

Energetically, the most widespread personality trait of the 29 digital PR influencers examined.

Other common personality traits are assertive, adventurous, aspiring, authority-intensive, self-disciplined, altruistic and personable:

To see which digital PR influencers are considered to be the most adventurous, altruistic, authority-intensive, cautious, cheerful, cooperative, imaginative, intellectual, melancholic, humble, sociable, personable, and uncompromising, read the interactive thumbnail below: 1945 [009] ]