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30 artistic alternate options to "unprecedented" in these unprecedented occasions [Infographic]

Today you have probably received emails from every brand you have ever interacted with in the past 20 years, telling you what they are doing for their community and customers in these "unprecedented" times of COVID. 19 pandemic.

If you're smart (or just plain wise), your prospects and customers may already have started filtering out emails based on that word.

Here are some creative alternatives to "unprecedented" that you might consider, all in a faux-scatter diagram … ("faux" because it mimics the shape of a scatter diagram, but not on that Plotting based data related to the distribution or frequency of occurrence or the like).

The graphic was created by Content Studio Hero's Journey Content. The author simply used her editorial judgment (and sense of humor) to create the graphic.

There you will find options – from disrespectful to buttoned up – that almost match the language and communication requirements of each brand. Try it out: