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Find out how to measure altering advertising and marketing objectives throughout a disaster

I've heard a lot of Paramore's song "Hard Times" in the past few months. Her 2017 hit talks about struggling to overcome challenging circumstances about 80s-inspired New Wave Pop. It is a blast, as the children say, and confronts the need – honestly and emphatically with a spoonful of sugar.

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I am sure that most marketers want to wake up well during this global health crisis, that everything is fine with them and that at their weakest moments they "wonder [ed] why [we] try it at all".

While we have no control over the state of the world, we have control over how we respond or work together. With data we get an insight into the effects on our respective markets and can show a new perspective and the next steps. Let's take a look at how the pandemic affects data and analytics, and whether B2B marketers need to postpone their goals before the pandemic.

Examine the data before and after the crisis and then decide whether the goals need to be updated.

This may be the first time in our lives that the whole world is going through the same crisis, but it does not mean that all companies are affected in the same way. Some companies in industries such as technology, religious goods, home improvement, health and fitness are in greater demand. In other industries, buyers withdraw from the table or shut down processes and wait for certain times.

Since early March home orders began in the United States, we now have enough data to see how that time affected shopping and buying. We can examine market trends. For example, has the search volume around your target keywords changed since March? If so, how? View data on website traffic and revenue for the past 90 days and compare it with pre-crisis data and average or seasonal data. It should be obvious whether your business is growing or slowing down.

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Both camps can benefit from an update of the goals. I say "update" instead of "pivot" because sales expectations have not disappeared. The trip has just changed.

Companies with increased demand want to be as visible and available to their customers as long as supplies last, while companies with the short end of the staff want to mitigate sales losses and prepare for the end of the crisis. Updating the marketing goals can lead to changes in strategies, which leads to changes in the measurement of performance.

“Sales expectations have not disappeared. The trip has just changed. “@Birdie_zepeda Click to tweet

Make sure your approach meets the updated goals.

For sales-oriented goals


As reported in a previous post on SEO for B2B marketers, we see reports that both B2B and B2C brands saw an increase in website traffic and were around February 2020 compared to February, according to HubSpot benchmark data 13 percent improved. Online purchases are even more popular and many users use search engines to find online stores.

As a result, those with sales goals should focus on optimizing landing pages with high conversion rates and targeting keywords at the bottom of the sales funnel (i.e., intent, purchase, and customer retention).


While increasing brand awareness is not the main objective of your updated crisis goals, it is important to update the copy to reflect the tone of the current time. Customers or customers may not want to work with someone who does not recognize that the way of the world has changed, even if it is only temporary.

This provides the ability to ensure that high-traffic pages contain prompts that are relevant to visitors who navigate or land there. In this way, you can help customers find the best they are looking for at this time.

Paid advertising

Similar to SEO efforts, you can get the most out of your ad spending by focusing on searches or campaigns that are high converters or at the bottom of the funnel. If possible, you should increase advertising spending if you are already generating high returns.

For branding-centric goals

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We see marketers expect longer sales cycles by shifting the focus from explicit sales to brand awareness as the crisis begins to calm down, so customers and customers think of your business first when they're ready to act. Just because I can't travel right now doesn't mean I don't dream of being on the beach or visiting my family when the travel restrictions are lifted!

Content & Influencer Marketing

Content with a specific voice is at the heart of every brand awareness campaign. It supports SEO efforts by creating content for gaps in search coverage in the top and middle funnels. In conjunction with industry leaders and influencers, it creates credibility and thought leadership. Since the audience is more skeptical about brand marketing in these uncertain times and is tired, we are there for you. Ads can build relationships through unique content.

Find your voice and work to highlight it and add value to your audience.


Identifying keywords and optimizing content for the top and middle of the sales funnel (e.g., awareness, identification, and rating) supports brand awareness efforts and can help you achieve sales goals without being a "seller." "to apply. Although your customer may not be ready today, proactively help them make a purchase decision.

Paid advertising

If you find that your budget is smaller, you aim smarter. Are there regions that buy or not buy? Can your targeting better reflect your converting demographic? Can you focus on keywords or tactics that deliver better ROAS?

If you find that your budget is unchanged or even increased, don't be afraid to try new tactics to gain visibility. This can take the form of display campaigns, social media promotions or commercials on digital media platforms.

“Content with a certain voice is at the heart of every brand awareness campaign. It supports SEO efforts by creating content for gaps in search coverage in the top and middle funnels. “@Birdie_zepeda Click to tweet

Measurement for new times (KPIs)

Organic Search & Content Marketing

Impressions increase
Improve the ranking / position for target keywords
Increase in organic traffic
Increase conversions

Paid advertising

improved ROAS
increased click-through rates (CTR)
Increase conversions

Social media or influencer marketing

Impressions increase
Increase engagement

Brand names in social and earned media
Forwarding traffic from social networks to the website

Do difficult times feel easier?

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These hard times are trying, but we hope that times will feel a little easier when we deal with this topic.

If difficult times should become easier with additional help or guidance, contact TopRank Marketing to find out how we can help.