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Within the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, put your organization on-line

The current economic crisis in all countries is shaking the pillars of every company in all sectors.

Thousands of companies have closed this since the pandemic started while others are still on vacation. Now that summer has come, the closures are loosening at a steady pace.

The companies that survived this novel virus are coming up with new ways to reshape their overall strategies. Furthermore, distance work seems to have arrived to stay forever. Therefore, companies that want to be successful need to consider the importance of moving their business to the digital world and adapting to an online first marketing strategy.

The implementation of online channels is a basic requirement for the promotion of any company. Especially now that technology is being implemented in many different sectors to avoid direct human contact and to support limitations of "social distancing". There is currently a growing need to find the right strategies and processes that companies can use to expand their digital presence.

Here I share some insights on how you can improve your online strategy.

1. Choosing the Right Platform

It is critical to success that you spend a lot of time evaluating the various online platforms that help your business to achieve his goals. For example, check out easy-to-use platforms like WordPress to engage your audience, as visual language plays an important role. For example, most online shops choose to use a SaaS platform due to the low entry costs and the scalable framework.

2. Top SEO Practices for Cost Efficiency

Generating web traffic for free is one of the functions that search engine optimization offers. You need to build your website with high quality content and choose the right keywords if you want your website to escalate through good positions in the ranking. The right SEO strategy for this challenging 2020 must include a list of long-tail keywords that are based on your preferred topics and have a clear link building plan. Remember that content is always the key!

3. The Importance of Web Design

Nowadays, online users don't just use their computers to check out on the Internet. We all know how important it is to adapt your business to mobile and tablet devices to ensure that your website is fully updated and open for navigation. Mobile-friendly designs are the winners of this struggle, with 40% more visibility than companies that don't follow these premises.

4. Social Media Trends

Updating social networking sites is critical to gaining online followers while promoting your content. One of the most influential marketing trends is now online video, which is getting more and more attention on e-commerce websites and other online platforms as it is a useful tool to influence the online buying process.

5. Paid advertising

Advertising platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook are ideal for addressing potential customers and other companies. So make the most of it because paid ads get cheaper . Now that we're spending more time connecting, web traffic has increased, which means that online ads are cheaper as the number of advertisers has decreased. You should seriously consider paying ads as part of your marketing strategy!

6. Preparations for the update of the 2021 page experience algorithm

Google has announced a new update for search experience signals in early 2021. Your website must be ready for this. Don't forget to check for Google Core updates regularly, as the giant has announced it will inform the public about the new algorithm six months before its official launch.

7. Finding the Right Brand Style

Customization is fundamental in the digital realm, where a logo that expresses the style of the company appears as a key element. Also pay attention to your mission statement, as it will represent you and your company for the coming years.

8. Track Your Business Online

Despite the previous advice, monitoring your website is one of the most valuable steps in maintaining a priority online strategy. You must regularly check all available measurement data in order to be successful in your company. SEMrush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, etc. help you to set up and strengthen your website.

Last but not least, joining the digital sphere will not be as easy as it seems for personal service companies. Another option, however, is to convert a service into a product. We have seen this example around the world as many restaurants have started selling the products they used to cook with or have focused on a takeaway strategy.

All of the above strategies are time consuming and in many cases costly in the short term. However, don't despair. Your ROI will increase over time if you touch the right buttons on your digital strategy.