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10 skilled pointers for creating higher B2B content material with genuine affect

How does authentic content contribute to a better customer experience?

And how does influence contribute to the optimization of the marketing performance of B2B content?

Both are important questions for today's B2B marketers who are caught in the uncertainty of 2021, where we are faced with decreasing organic social reach and decreasing brand trust . To show the way, we've put together the answers to these and eight other key questions.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Lee Odden explored the issues of authentic content and how it can impact content marketing performance during virtual presentations for the ContentTECH Summit and IABC MN Convergence Summit, and we will share some of the most important aspects. away from its insightful meetings.

Let's take a closer look at Lee's 10 pointers to create better B2B content with authentic influence in our age of the new normal.

1 – Building brand trust with authentic content created together with experts

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<p> Lee explained how successful brands should harness the power of authentic content co-created with experts </strong> to win customers' hearts, minds, and wallets </strong> – a process that, if done right, can be done , delivering excellent results and unforgettable customer experiences. </p>
<p> However, the pandemic changed B2B marketing as <strong> 72% of B2B events canceled their physical experiences </strong> (CEIR) and <strong> caused shoppers to consume 50% more content </strong> (MFG)), while <strong> three out of five CMOs say marketing is more important than ever </strong> (The CMO Survey). </p>
<p> What can B2B marketers do in such a volatile and uncertain market? </p>
<p> Lee pointed out that B2B content preferences changed significantly in 2020, noting that smart marketers need to consider these changes for successful 2021 efforts. </p>
<p> The Top Consumption Habit that changed in 2020 was <strong> an increased focus on the trustworthiness of content sources </strong> noted Lee. </p>
<p> He cited a DemandGen study which found that <strong> 67% of respondents said they relied even more on content than last year </strong> to research and inform purchase decisions, and that <strong> 58% of B2B buyers do not believe the claims made by the vendors they last bought from </strong> (TrustRadius). </p>
<p> The most successful types of content also changed in 2020, with the same study finding that the top content types were: </p>
<p>65% video<br />
60% white papers<br />
56% blogs<br />
54% webinars<br />
54% case studies</p>
<p> How can B2B marketers stand out in such a crowded and content-rich landscape with less confidence than ever before? </p>
<h2> 2 – Smart brands differentiate themselves through high-performance customer experience </h2>
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7 – Creating an ecosystem for content collaboration

An additional step in building trust through authenticity in content marketing comes as B2B marketers work to create a content collaboration ecosystem .

Lee shared a strong example of such an ecosystem in the Adobe * Insiders program, a diverse group of over 60 influencers that includes top executives, industry leaders, major media correspondents, contributing journalists, and technology pioneers – Lee included.

Adobe leveraged its influencers and enlisted industry experts for the Adobe Summit event to create a wide variety of content types – from social shares and live stream videos to blog posts and articles in major publications like Forbes and CMO .

Lee showed how Adobe Insider worked together to provide a cornucopia for content creation, resulting in:

Millions in social reach through brand names and earned media from influencers during and after the event
A Twitter DM channel for influencer communication that has been published daily since 2019
Individuals to subgroups of influencers will still be activated

8 – Optimization of the measurement for the customer ROI

Another step in the content marketing authenticity equation is taking the time to optimize measurements for customer return on investment (ROI), as Lee showed.

By attracting, marketers reach new audiences
By engaging, they improve content consumption
By converting, they gain subscribers, downloads, trials, demos, leads, and sales
By keeping them, they increase community participation
By advocating for it, they inspire brand love and recommendations

Lee gave an example of how these elements can come together successfully from Dell Outlet *, each of which was used to optimize trust with the help of influencers .

Dell Outlet targeted a small to medium-sized business audience and used industry influencers to address an initial lack of brand awareness and trust while increasing the perceived value of outdated technology.

To build awareness and credibility, Dell Outlet partnered with SMB influencers and achieved a Finny Award winning program that saw:

Awareness: 425,000 additional reach from influencers
Engagement: 693,000 video views and 1,350 hours
Buying Influence: 175% above target in traffic on the product pages

9 – Harness technology to support influencer marketing

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<p> The intelligent use of an ever-increasing number of software technologies can make a good influencer marketing program necessary and make it great. Using State-of-the-Art B2B Influencer Marketing 2020 data, Lee shared how B2B marketers are using technology to support influencer marketing Report on Uses Including: </p>
<p>76% by <strong> identify influencers </strong><br />
69% monitor <strong> the activity of influencers' social networks </strong><br />
65% by <strong> qualify influencers </strong><br />
63% by <strong> measure and report on campaign or program results </strong><br />
43% by <strong> manage influencer campaigns or programs </strong><br />
41% to <strong> manage and maintain influencer relationships </strong><br />
35% by <strong> activate influencers </strong></p>
<p> In the latest installment of our new Inside Influence series, Lee also looked closely at how B2B marketers can help maximize their return on investment (ROI) with data-driven influencer marketing software, and the problem in the Pierre-Loïc Assayag, CEO and founder of the enterprise influencer marketing platform Traackr, examines details in "Inside Influence EP07: Pierre-Loïc Assayag from Traackr on Influencer Marketing Technology" </p>
<p> Traackr is one of several powerful B2B influencer marketing tools Lee sample shared, including: </p>
<p>BuzzSumo – For searching for social networks, authors, and influencers<br />
Onalytica – A B2B influencer marketing platform for companies<br />
Traackr – A B2B & B2C Enterprise Influencer Marketing Platform<br />
CreatorIQ – A B2C Marketing Platform for Business Influencers<br />
BuzzStream – An outreach tool<br />
Pitchbox – An outreach tool<br />
Nimble – A tool for social customer relationship management (CRM) and influencer engagement<br />
GroupHigh – A discovery and public relations tool for bloggers and influencers<br />
Keyhole – A Social Listening and Influencer Discovery Tool</p>
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10 – Achieve content marketing success with purpose, relevance, reach, and response.

By intelligently using Lee's individual steps that we have outlined and shown here, B2B marketers can achieve content marketing success that is rich in purpose, relevance, reach and response.

In a quote from Richard Edelman, President and CEO of Edelman, “In this time of turmoil, people are turning to brands as islands of stability.” Lee urged marketers to ask themselves two important questions:

How will the world be different if you successfully do what you do?

How does this narrative transfer to your marketing?

To make your content marketing efforts more relevant, Lee urged marketers to use data to understand and create authentic content experiences and the voices of your customers, prospects and those who whom they trust to use Add credibility and context to your message. .

To maximize your reach, Lee recommended marketers to be "the best answer" for your customers with content that is easy to find and exists in the context wherever buyers engage .

Finally, to increase the response, Lee said that B2B marketers should try to understand their audience's motivations throughout the buyer journey to better inform the creation of messages that really "click" and inspire the nature of the action and makes a tangible and measurable business impact.

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* LinkedIn, Cherwell Software, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, SAP,, Adobe and Dell Outlet are TopRank Marketing customers.