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Shortly Add International locations to Fb Advert Units

If you want to work quickly with multiple layers and regions, you need a detailed strategy for countries on Facebook.

This article describes ways to add lands to the Cabinet and effective tools for working with time-saving shooting ranges.


In the phase of creating an advertisement set, the question of which countries should be selected arises. You can select countries from the list or search for locations by typing them in the search bar.

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<img loading= GEO lists

Imagine you have 20 GEOs (in a 2-letter designation) divided by level (5 GEOs in each level). Your job is to start campaigns on all 4 levels. How does that work in a short time? Easy!

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<p> First you have to translate the 2-letter designation into the full name of the country. In AdQuantum we created a Google spreadsheet that uses the Vlookup function to provide the full name of the country. </p>
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Further information

 adquantum describes how to create a list for the ad set "class =" wp-image-124225 "data-lazy-daten-lazy-daten-lazy-src =" https: / / /uploads/2020/12/adquantum-describes-how-to-make-a-list-for-ad-set.jpg"/>[19459036 Fraulichesadquantum-describes-how-to- make-a-list-for-ad -set "class =" wp-image-124225 "/>

<p> After collecting the full country names, bulk upload them to Facebook. To do this, click in the Locations section on "Add locations in large quantities" </p>
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Country lists are easy to edit. To do this, you have to move the mouse over the saved target group. The Edit button is then displayed.

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<p> If you click on it and add the countries again, Facebook will create a match. The next step is to delete unnecessary countries and save the list again. </p>
<h2 id= Workflow with saved audience

All target group settings can be saved in a user-defined target group. The saved audience contains the parameters social demography, geography, connection, and include / exclude audiences. With this useful tool you can quickly switch countries in levels in work campaigns.

After we have created the campaigns and divided them by levels, we start them and after 10 days our LTV is updated. Tier-1 included Holland, which the LTV fell on, and now it was to be transferred to Tier-2. The challenge is to switch countries Tier-1 and Tier-2 quickly.

Creating the rescued audience

Open the settings for the ad set to create a saved audience. In the Target groups area, click the Save this target group button, enter the name of the target group (in our case TIER1_android_broad) and save it.

Now the audience area in the ad set looks like this:

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<p> You now need all of the ad sets to use your saved audiences. To do this, select all Tier 1 ad sets and choose our target audience from the saved ones. </p>
<h3 id= Edit the saved target group

Imagine we have 20 ad sets with a saved audience of TIER1_android_broad. We have to remove Holland from it. To do this, we select the ad set with the saved target group and click on Edit.

 If you have 20 ad sets with a saved target group "class =" wp-image-124255 "data-lazy-daten-lazy-daten-lazy-src =" /2020/12/when-you-have-20-ad-sets-with-a-saved-audience.jpg"/>[19459064‹when-you-have-20- ad sets with a saved target group "class = "wp-image-124255" />

<p> In the window that opens we can change all the parameters of the target audience we are aiming for. We remove the Netherlands and click on update: </p>
<p><img loading= Summary

In AdQuantum's experience, working with countries is much faster if they are saved by a saved audience. This reduces the time it takes to replace countries in levels in each ad set.

Adding countries is much faster with bulk uploads than manually entering a country or searching in the list.